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27th-Jan-2008 08:35 pm - Fic: Arashi; On Mondays
This fic/log thing was written by aychan and elementblue , but since they're too shy to post this to the public, the bolder of the trio will post this to share because cute Arashi fics like this are meant to be shared with other fans. XD Beta'd by yours truly, xarashi . :3 Constructive criticism is welcomed and thoughtful comments are appreciated. Without further ado, I present this wonderfully written piece. :) 

Title: On Mondays
Author(s): [info]aychan and elementblue 
Pairing(s): General group love. ♥  or Arashi/Arashi, I suppose
Word count: 1,012
Summary: Mondays were okay, as long as they were together. 

22nd-Dec-2007 02:39 pm(no subject)
the ARASHI friending meme

You basically fill out the form in the textbox below and comment here with it. Then people will comment to your comment if they feel you have things in common and could get along (and/or you can comment on other peoples comments if you feel they have things in common with you)--then you friend each other! Fangirling (or fanboying) can commence! :D

↘ You've got to like Arashi, obviously. They don't have to be your main interest, but you have to like them.
↘ If someone says something on their form that you don't agree with, leave it and walk on. Example: if you don't like yaoi or real people slash, just ignore it. There are people who do and people who don't, so find a person who has similar interests/likings.
↘ I know some people tend to be shy but what makes friending memes WORK is when you ask other people to be friended. So try not to just fill out the application--go through other people's applications, too, and if you see someone you like then go for it. :)
↘ The earlier you fill the thing out and post it, the more likely you are to make more friends! So GET TO IT!

Fill in where the parenthesized text is.

↘ For a better friending experience, PIMP THIS so lots of Arashi fans see it. :)

sexy shiraishi
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