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Fic: Arashi; On Mondays 
27th-Jan-2008 08:35 pm
This fic/log thing was written by aychan and elementblue , but since they're too shy to post this to the public, the bolder of the trio will post this to share because cute Arashi fics like this are meant to be shared with other fans. XD Beta'd by yours truly, xarashi . :3 Constructive criticism is welcomed and thoughtful comments are appreciated. Without further ado, I present this wonderfully written piece. :) 

Title: On Mondays
Author(s): [info]aychan and elementblue 
Pairing(s): General group love. ♥  or Arashi/Arashi, I suppose
Word count: 1,012
Summary: Mondays were okay, as long as they were together. 

On Mondays

Nino, for one, hated Mondays. Not that he'd ever say so outloud (God knows how Matsujun might tease him if he ever found out), but Nino simply couldn't help himself. Mondays were long and dreary, and always represented the start of another long week of work.

He gave his cute blue DS a longing look before refocusing his attention to the director talking.

Across the room, Aiba hid a small smile at the sight of an almost obviously bored Nino. It was too amusing, really, and rather endearing too. Aiba tried not to giggle as Nino dropped his head into his arms, tilting his head at the director.

"Aiba-kun, keep that up and the director's going to think something's wrong with you," Sho murmured from his left. Aiba simply flashed Sho a short grin before returning his attention to the director as well.

He could have sworn he heard Matsujun snort from the other side of Sho, but simply ignored it.

Nino reached out an touched his DS lightly with slender fingers. How long was this meeting anyway? He could have sworn more than two hours had passed. From the corner of his eye, he could see Leader's eyes dropping shut, mouth stifling a weary yawn. Leader was too cute, Nino mused, resisting the urge to reach over and ruffle the sleepy man's hair.

A nudge to his side quickly shifted his attention.

Nino turned his head to meet the warning eyes of Matsujun, in which he promptly scowled back to. Matsujun smirked out him before turning back to face the front of the room. Bah, Nino pouted. Stupid Matsujun. Always the killjoy.

Sho caught the moment from the corner of his eye and sighed inwardly, although he really shouldn't have been surprised. Arashi had never been one for long meeting and the only ones who really managed to pay attention in the end were always him and Matsumoto. Leader, as usual, was starting to doze off; Nino was clearly bored and had taken to touching his DS every five minutes; and Aiba's attention and mind had long wandered off.

Sho stole a quick glance at Matsumoto.

He groaned inwardly at the sight. Apparantly, Matsumoto wasn't faring so well either, judging by the way he was scruching his nose at Aiba and making secret-but-not-so-secret eye signals with the taller male.

And by watching them, Sho realized that he had stopped paying attention too.

"Any questions?" the director asked. All five of them striaghtened themselves up just before the director turned to face them. Five seemingly bright eyes and eager smiles greeted the director, alert and full of interest. Sho raised his hand and asked a few questions, much to the other four's relief.

Leave it to Sho to save the day by making it seem like they were actually paying attention.

"We'll see you next week then!"

And on that note, the four of them stumbled out of their chairs and out the door. As soon as they got out the door, Ohno slung himself onto Nino, rubbing bleary eyes with the hand that wasn't around Nino's shoulders. Nino had immediately pulled out his DS the second he stepped out of the room and began to play while walking.

"Next week," Aiba repeated in a near-mournful tone. Matsumoto laughed and smirked at the taller man.

"Don't make it sound so dreadful," Matsumoto replied, grunting as Aiba nudged his arm with his elbow repeatedly in retaliation.

"It is dreadful though!"

Nino and Ohno made noises in agreement. Leader yawned and gave Sho a lazy poke to the side. "Thanks for paying attention Sho-kun."

Sho chuckled, shaking his head. After all, he was accustomed to it already. It was a fairly set routine and nothing new, really. "It's not a problem."

"Mondays suck," Nino pouted, turning his DS off and tucking it into his pocket before wrapping his arm around Ohno's waist. So much for keeping it in, Nino thought after fully realizing his words. He decided not to look at Matsujun, knowing there was an all-too-familiar smirk speading across the youngest member's face.

"Shut up, Matsujun," Nino grumbled, cutting Matsumoto off effectively. Matsumoto's smirk grew wider. Oh, how Nino knew him too well.

"But I agree," Matsumoto put in with a shrug. "Mondays are always a drag."

"Hate Mondays," Ohno chimed in from Nino's side, eyes shut and feet dragging. Sho hummed in agreement. They made their way into the elevator and rode down in a comfortable silence. When the doors opened, Sho could see a van waiting for them.

Aiba slung an arm around both Matsujun and Sho as they made their way to the van, a thoughtful look gracing his face. "But you know what? Monday's aren't always that bad."

"Says you," Nino mumbled from the side, struggling slightly to hold his sleepy companion up.

Sho tilted his head to face the taller man, smiling at the thoughful expression. He wrapped his own arm across Aiba's, as Matsumoto wrapped the arm closest to Aiba around the middle man's waist.

"Why isn't it?" Sho asked when Aiba didn't continue his train of thought.

"Enlighten us," Matsumoto added, sliding his other arm around Nino's shoulders, much to the shorter man's dismay.

"Heavy," Nino complained, but didn't say or do anything to remove the younger man's arm. Nino tried to push Ohno up, as the older man began sinking down to the floor, then dropped his free hand on Matsujun's shoulder. "You and Oh-chan are the reason I'm never going to get taller, Matsujun."

Ohno let out a sleepy laugh.

"Mondays?" Sho promted, reminding Aiba to finish. Just in case the other forgot. Matsumoto gave Aiba's side a good pat to further help Sho. Aiba's eyes lit up. "Oh, right!"

From the side, Nino let out a small laugh.

"Mondays aren't always that bad," Aiba continued as they walked out the doors of the large building. "As long as they're with all of you."

And under the rich blue sky, they all smiled in agreement.

Mondays were okay as long as they were together. 

28th-Jan-2008 08:00 am (UTC)
Ah, that was really really cute!

Nino tried to push Ohno up, as the older man began sinking down to the floor...

Ahaha ♥ best visual ever.

"You and Oh-chan are the reason I'm never going to get taller, MatsuJun."

...And best line.

(Though now with the 'Mondays suck' thing... I'm somehow imagining Ohno as Garfield. But the question is, does he like lasagna? ...That's a silly question. That man'll eat basically anything that stays still long enough.)

Now! There should be more fic-posting and less OMG EMBARASSMENT. Yes? :D
28th-Jan-2008 08:34 am (UTC)
So cute! Love their characterization :3 (ok, is this the right word? D: anyway.) Our Keio boy always saving the day ♥
And Aiba, awww *hugs him* I want to spend my boring Mondays with them DD: And dgbahshagshag. Ohmiya ♥ Arashi rabu ♥♥
28th-Jan-2008 08:52 am (UTC)
28th-Jan-2008 01:05 pm (UTC)
*wibbles* too cute...I love the Arashi group love ^_^ they know each other so well, and fit together perfectly~ I love all of their reactions to the long meeting... XD they can never focus for a very long time ^_^ <3
28th-Jan-2008 08:02 pm (UTC)
that was just cute... really, really cute...
29th-Jan-2008 08:04 am (UTC)
Arashi love is always great... ^^
30th-Jan-2008 01:57 am (UTC)
Gahh, Tippy. D: Blast you and your nefarious ways into convincing poor wimplings like me. D: The chocolate was good but now I'm totally regretting being suckered into saying yes to easily. D:


The things I do for you, really. XD GUESS WHAT. ASLDKJSLDFDXDSASDKJSOISDF. I AM NOW WRITING YOUR Valentine's Day fic. :> YOU BETTER HAVE HAVE MINE TOO ;_; You, Alli, and Jamie are boobs at updating. D:
31st-Jan-2008 09:33 am (UTC)
Thank you for posting this! It's soooo CUTE!
My favorite line: "You and Oh-chan are the reason I'm never going to get taller, Matsujun." I was laughing so hard I woke everyone up. Oh well, it's only 1 in the morning.
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